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    Please find all the answers to the most common questions about our Splish Splash water sports activities.

    What is the age limit for sofa rides? +

    From 4 years old and above

    Are sofa/ slider rides Safe? +

    While our professional certificated driver is pulling you there is a second member on the boat assisting and looking out. In addition life jackets are provided.

    How many people can go on the sofa ride? +

    From 2 to 6 people

    How many people can go on the slider ride ? +

    From 2 to 4 people.

    How fast does the sofa/ slider go? +

    The boat that will pull you is equipped with a 225hp Yamaha engine 4000cc. The speed of the ride is decided according to your indication signals. Extreme or more slow our captain will meet up to your expectations.

    How long does the sofa/slider ride last? +

    Approximately 10 minutes or 18minutes if you pick the Safari sofa/slider trip around Thodorou Island.

    What is the age limit for sliders ? +

    From 8 years and above

    Are life jackets included in price? +

    Yes for all ages and sizes

    What is the age limit for Jet skis? +

    From 18 And above. Allowed under 18 accompanied with adult or with one of our staff member.

    How fast do the Jet Skis go? +

    Maximum speed is  approximately 90 kl ph

    How many jet skis do you have? +

    2 can be provided at the same time by the Greek law.

    How Many people can sit on the Jet Ski? +

    Maximum 2 people and both can share the time to drive.

    Can someone drive a jet ski without any experience? +

    It’s easy to drive and jet skis are automatic. The staff will provide you with information and detailed instructions for handling the Jet.
    Life boat will accompany you and  keep a watch over for safety reasons.

    Where can i drive the Jet Ski? +

    We have a specific spacious area with balloon markers where you can drive as fast as you want  for high speed and slaloms or the option of tour guided Safari trip around Theodorou island.

    How does the safari to Thodorou Island work? +

    You follow  our captain on the boat from behind And takes you around the island. Whatever time is left from the tour you can use to play  in the marked balloon area for slaloms and free ride as you like.

    Is Jet skiing Safe? +

    We provide life jackets. Our staff are certificated Life guards. We have a Life boat in the sea that is used by our captain to supervise you and attend to your needs.

    Do i have to reserve for a jet ski or sofa ride? +

    Booking at specific time and day would be nice especially in July – August otherwise you can just show up.

    What are your working hours? +

    Open from 10 am until 19.00pm

    How many SUP do you have? +

    We have 4 SUP

    Is SUP easy? +

    No need to have experience. Our staff will guide you and give the necessary instructions.

    How many Canoe's do you have? +

    We have 3 single and 1 double canoe.

    How can we pay for the activities? +

    We accept cash and card.

    Do you offer transfer from the hotel to your venue? +

    Depending on availability and location we can make arrangements for pick up and bring you to our water sport centre. But return is not included.

    Is there a place we can leave our belongings? +

    We have a box in our kiosk which is safe and supervised from our staff.

    Is there somewhere we can change clothes? +

    There is a hotel next to us that has toilet facilities which you can use as a changing room too.

    How can i come to you? +

    We have a bus stop on the main street that leads down to our beach.By using GPS / Google maps you can find us easily. We are located next to Alexia Beach Hotel in Agia Marina.

    What else does your location have? +

    We are surrounded with beach bars with sunbeds and a hotel restaurant pool bar. On the main street you can find a bakery, small market’s and restaurants.

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